Our mission is to encourage open minded inquiry into world religions, philosophy, science, and the arts in order to understand the wisdom of the ages, respect the unity of all life, and help people explore spiritual self-transformation.


The Theosophical Society meets the Second and Fourth Monday of each month at:
Griggs-Midway Bldg. 1821 University Ave., St. Paul 55104 from 7:00-9:00 PM.


Enter through this main entrance on the SE corner of the building at the corner of University and Fairview in Midway. We will meet in the Conference Room S-127 on the first floor. There is a security guard at the entrance, and plenty of free off-street parking in back of the building on the Northwest side of the Griggs- Midway Bldg. Our office is Room S-153. Should our meeting room for events change, you can check this website, our Facebook page, posted fliers or ask the security guard at the main entrance desk.

Monday, July 8 & August 12 7:00- 9:00 PM Room S-127
Mystery Tradition Initiation into first Fundamental Propositions

James Ulness

In all great mystery traditions, there is the initiation into mystical teachings. In the Theosophical Society, we have three inner truths known throughout time as The Fundamental Propositions. We will outline them in two meetings on Monday, July 8, and also Monday, Aug. 12. Each program will be different and you will receive a certificate for participating in each segment. The first program July 8 will instruct you in the First Fundamental Propositon. At the conclusion, we will ask you to select a secret, magical name for yourself. On Monday, Aug. 12, we will outline the Second and Third Fundamental Propositon and conclude the program with a candlelight ceremony at the end. Refreshments. $10 suggested donation. (651) 235-6645
Enter the Griggs- Midway Building main entrance on the SW corner on University Ave. Join the fun! $10. Free parking in back of bldg. (651) 235-6645 or (612) 747-9851.

Future Events:

July 22
Higher Conscious Transformation in our Present Age of Glory: The Coming of Maitreya
Conf. Rm. 127 From 7-9 PM.

Bill Torvund

This presentation/meditation event will discuss and offer meditation techniques to explore the ancient prophecies of the Buddha Maitreya, who is the Buddhist equivalent to the “Messiah” referred to in the Christian tradition as the so-called “Second Coming of the Christ.” We will explore in depth the Buddhist scriptures concerning the future coming of the Maitreya Buddha and how these prophecies relate to the vision of the restoration of the "New Heaven" and the "New Earth" and how we can attune to the consciousness as expressed in the Johannine Apocalypse which reveals the reality that the "kingdom of Heaven is with us" even in contemporary contexts. Meditations will accompany the presentation in all facets of these prophecies. Bishop Bill Torvund in a healer and international teacher. Refreshments. $10 suggested donation. (651) 235-6645 or (612) 747-9851.

AUG. 12
Mystery Tradition Initiation into the later Fundamental Propositions of Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine. Candle ceremony. Conf. Rm. 127.

AUG. 26
Movie, “The Light Beyond” on the afterlife with Dr. Raymond Dicussion. (2016, 80 min.) Conf. Rm. S-127.Suggested donation.

ANNUAL PICNIC (Noon-3 pm. Sunday, August 4)
Vegetarian potluck at Lake Harriet Bandshell area. Look for our ballons by the tables.
Free. All welcome.

August 12
Mystery Tradition Initiation into the first Fundamental Propositions outlined by Blavatsky & Mahatmas. Certificates. $10.Conf. Rm. 127.

August 26
Movie, “The Light Beyond” on the afterlife with Dr. Raymond Dicussion. (2016, 80 min.) Conf. Rm. S-127. Suggested donation.