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Monday, August 10, 2020 7-9 pm

Reading Tarot with Personal and Broad Meaning

Zoom meeting ID: 860 4398 9207 Password: 862964
Or phone at (312) 626-6799. Then enter ID # 860 4398 9207 and password 862964.

Master tarot reader Marlene Delotte of Marlene Delotte & Associates will lead a mini-workshop online Aug. 10 on the art of tarot, exploring the process of performing an insightful reading of the cards and understanding their meaning.
She is a gifted psychic who offers tarot, astrology, and numerology consultation in private readings, in groups, or in classes.
She holds workshops in many areas of metaphysics. She is also one of only seven people in the world who is trained as an A*L*L Game Discovery Leader Description.
"Over the years,” she said, “I have found it very difficult to describe my readings.
For one thing they vary for each person, and of course, they have changed over the 45 years, as part of the community of clients have changed. I have always known from the beginning, however, what they are not. I have always been able to say unequivocally that I am not a fortune teller, that I believe that conscious, responsible people shape their own destiny, their own future, or at least how they chose to respond to life.
The readings attempt to look at the patterns of one’s life to get insight and perhaps change those patterns when necessary. They allow us to look at the blocks that present us from making those necessary and healthy changes needed to live life with more meaning and offer suggestions and tools for that process.”

URL Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84368789880?pwd=bUI5b3FZcHNoc3NLaXpUbktHejRGUT09